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Last updated: November 10th 2016
Welcome to our juicy website! Here you will have the chance and the pleasure to watch our hot blonde model in action! In the following you will have the chance to see one of Nicki Blue video! This amazing babe will be fucking her tight pussy with a purple dildo! It seems like today as she was home alone it was time that she had some action as no one was available so she didn’t missed her chance to play with herself! Are you eager to see her dildo-fucking her muffin’? Let’s not waste any more time and watch this entire video!

As the video starts you will have the chance to watch Nicki nude in the living room bended over as she will be stuffing that long purple dildo into her tight muffin’! After moving that dildo around in her muffin’ hole she will start shoving it into her mouth and licking it just to tease us a little bit more! Are you interested in seeing more from where this came from? In this case, you are invited to join our community and we will give you access to much more amazing stuff! Feel free to have a look around cause you might find what you are searching for! If you're looking for similar videos, join the site and see a beautiful Canadian amateur dildo-fucking her tight cunt!

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Welcome once again! We are so thrilled that you chose us one more time and we thought we might show to you much more amazing stuff! In the following Nicki Blue scene you will have the chance to watch this stunning blonde babe as she will use all her personal techniques to seduce one guy in her garage! Nicki won’t be shy cause after all that flirting she got pretty heated up and now she was willing to do something more so she did the first step! She started everything with a blowjob! Let’s see this entire thing!

Well, this babe cannot be stopped once she is fired up you can see it also this time! After that interesting date that they had in the pizzeria it was time for something more so he came into her garage! There this babe knelled down and took that hard cock into her mouth and started to suck it very slow! Soon after that it was time for a deep and intense sucking session so she slurped it and shoved it down her throat! In the end this blonde babe had the chance to swallow all the cum she could! If you wanna see other naughty sluts sucking a big cock, join the site and see Italian Stallion Rocco throat fucking some cock hungry chicks!

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Gloryhole’s Monster Black Dong

Hei guys! Have you ever had the chance to be in the gloryhole? Have you ever thought about who the chicks that were having so much fun with your ding dongs are? Could you imagine that Nicki Blue is one of them? Well, today she got the chance to be in the girls locked room at the gym all by herself when she saw this extra long monster cock getting in that big hole and she thought it might be the time to try it! How about watching this babe’s adventure with this huge cock? Let’s not waste any more time!

Well, guys we had no idea that one babe could have so much fun after working out at the gym! As she saw this huge ding dong coming out she thought she might touch it to see if it’s real! As she grabbed it with her hand she started to jerk it off a little bit so that she could tease it! Soon after that it was time that she shoved it into her mouth and this nasty chick tried to see until where will it fit! If you are interested in seeing this entire Nicki Blue scene, all you gotta do is join us and you will have access to much more hot stuff! If you wanna see other hot chicks sucking monster cocks, visit the site! See you next time, friends!

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Hustler presents Nicki’s Garage Fuck

Hi there cuties! It’s good to be back isn’t it? Mostly when we come back with news and with updates about this blonde babe’s Nicki Blue sex life! It seems like a few days ago she had the bad luck to crash her car into the parking lot! Thank God she’s ok, but imagine her car! Now he had the chance to meet her in the garage where these guys were trying to fix it! As she needed it fixed up asap she was also there trying to make these boys to work faster! How about watching how happened there?

Bad luck always comes in different moments of our lifes, so this babe also had some problems! As Nicki was pretty sick of waiting for hours she started to flirt with one of the dudes and she ended up letting his stuff his large cock into her tight ass! Yep, it was a kind of bonus that she wanted to give to him for the job that he was about to get done! Are you interested in seeing more from where this came from? All you gotta do is watch this entire scene by joining our community! We will also give you much more amazing content to watch and enjoy! If you wanna see other gorgeous pornstars getting hammered, join the blog! See you next time, guys! Stay tuned!

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Nicki Blue in My Sister’s Hot Friend

Hello there ladies and gentlemen! It was a hot day of summer when Nicki Blue and her sister met with all her naughty friends! There she got the chance to meet this guy that kept winking her and grabbing her ass! Our naughty babe got the idea but for the moment she didn’t wanted to do more than just flirting, that until they both met once again at a party! There after some drinks and some kisses they ended up in the bedroom where they had the chance to explore and seduce each other! Let’s see what happened there!

You know this crazy chick can’t be stopped when she wants something so here she is willing to have some fun! Good though that her winking friend was here eager to get some action as well! As soon as she got the chance, Nicki took his large tool into her mouth and kept sucking it over and over again! After slurping it for quite a while and shoving it down her throat she got the chance to taste this guy’s nasty jizz! Cause he came all over her tits and also into her mouth! Check out now this entire sex scene! Don’t forget to enjoy also this other scene in which she is sucking cocks!

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Hei there fellas! Isn’t it time for you to watch and enjoy one of the most recent Nicki Blue update? In this crazy new day this babe thought of making a change in her life so as soon as she left the office she headed to a bar where she found this chocolate dude eager to stuff her wet pussy and also her tight ass hole! Well, how could turn down this magnificent babe and her hot smoking body! Take some time and watch her and her fit body! How about watching more from where this came from? Take a seat and let’s watch it together!

As Nicki Blue was sick of all that monotony in her life she thought she might need a change so as soon as she finished working she found a man willing to pleasure her in each and every single way! As soon as he got the chance, he shoved that long cock into her ass hole as she was standing in the doggy style position! Meanwhile , she kept rubbing her pussy until she got the chance to climax! If you liked this scene and you wanna see more, feel free to have a look around at all the other hot posts! Wanna see other beauties getting ass fucked? If you do, check out the site and have fun! See you next time, friends!

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Alan Stafford and Nicki Blue

Hi there cuties! How about one more hot scene with the magnificent babe Nicki Blue? In the following scene you will have the chance and the pleasure to watch this blonde babe Nicki in action! It’s been quite a while since she has met her fuck buddy and it seems like today they are gonna meet once again! This nasty chick received a called and this guy told her that he was going to visit her today, so she had to get prepared for what was about to follow! Eager to see what is she gonna do today? Check out the entire scene and see this beauty getting her pink pussy fucked!

As Nicki Blue woke up this morning she though about what did she had to do in this crazy new day of summer! after receiving the phone call not more than one hour has passed an he was here ready to stuff his extra large dick into her tight pussy hole! Can you imagine that this guy started to tight her neck while he was fucking her and this babe really enjoyed it! If you are interested in seeing both of them cumming in the same time, just join our Nicki Blue community and can see much more hot stuff!Also if you wanna see another blonde beauty getting wet and wild, check out the site and have fun!

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Blonde Girl Nicki Gets Creamed

Hello guys and girls! Isn’t it time for you to watch and enjoy some of the most recent updates with the stunning lady Nicki Blue? It seems like today she got up very thirsty and she went to search for a guy that was willing to fill up her mouth with his cream! Well, she didn’t had to search for too long as this guy was living right across her apartment and he came around invited by her to her place to have some fun! How about watching these two horny guys in action? They couldn’t wait for too long time cause they had to fuck to get some cream!

It was a very nice sunny day when this hot babe woke up willing to get fucked so this guy when he was invited to her place he couldn’t refuse her! As soon as she got the chance she took that long black tool into her mouth and began sliding it in and out of her mouth! Then she shoved it down her throat over and over again until this guy was ready to release his seed! Then he took it into his hand and began jerking it off until all that creamy cum came out and went all over this babe’s face! Enjoy this entire Nicki Blue scene! If you wanna see another beauty getting her pretty face covered in cum, check out the site and have fun! Stay tuned, we have a lot of surprises for you!

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Hot Blonde Nicki Fucked

Hello there new guys! Are you ready to see some action? Cause the sexy blonde babe Nicki Blue is gonna have some fun today! As it was time to play with her pussy a little bit sweet Nicki thought she might ask for a hand from this fellow and his hard dick! So she did not hesitated to call him as this nasty babe needed him and he came right away as he was prepared to help his fuck buddy! Are you ready? Get comfortable, take a seat as we are going to have a look as these two guys are going to enjoy themselves!

It’s been a while since this sexy lady had some time to enjoy, so as she had a day off tonight she thought she might invite this hot stud over to her place! So she called him and after grabbing something to eat they were ready to do more! When the time has come this guy grabbed his hard and long cock and stuffed this babe’s pussy and pounded it over and over again until he made her climaxing! How about seeing more amazing scenes? Feel free to have a look around as we have much more amazing content for you to watch and enjoy! If you watnt to see another beautiful blonde getting wet and wild, check out some Sexy Pattycake videos! Have fun & see you soon!


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Hi there fellas ! We came back with more funky fresh stuff so today we will have the chance to see this stunning blonde babe in action as Nicki Blue is gonna have the chance today to taste this chocolate guy’s extra long tool! This naughty chick came back from the party last night very late with her friend! She picked him up right before leaving and they headed back to her place! As soon as she had the chance she had to try the black cock experience! How about watching her in action right now? Let’s watch also Nicki at big dick!

It’s been a while cine she had some action in her life and it was about time she had something new to try! So this sexy blonde babe as soon as she had the occasion she took all her clothes off and began to stuff that monster cock into her mouth down her throat! There was no chance that she could shove it all into her mouth or into her pussy cause it was too long! In the end this guy came and jizzed her with his warm seed all over her face and into her mouth! If you wanna see more from where this came from, feel free to have a look around and enjoy! See you! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the site and see some cum hungry sluts swallowing big loads of jizz!

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